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The Great Bone Building-Site Building all life on earth, in even the tiniest cells, began with continuous and never-ending interactions between the minerals, trace minerals & their trace elements together, millions of years ago. Deep inside your Bone Building Cells is a tiny example of this incredible process where you are sitting now. The First Bone Building Solution The first major step forward in our evolution took place around 252 million years ago. The Great Dying had just wiped out  [ Read More ]

The True Food Pyramid The Mud Soak Miracle sits at the base of the True Food Pyramid. Nothing to prove, no bells or whistles, the true food pyramid is simply the 100 nutrients we humans need every day.  The 100 nutrients are essential, because they cannot be made by the human body and therefore must be delivered each and every day. Every nutrient on the food pyramid has a deficiency symptom and/or symptoms. Deficiency disease is cumulative effect of the  [ Read More ]